For the aroma meridian treatment, special essential oils are used, the effects of which spread via the reflex zones throughout the whole body. Depending upon the oil, the effects can be either relaxing, calming or stimulate the circulation.
starting from € 39,00
Hot and Cold Stone
In this treatment, hot and cold stones are applied to the body’s various energy centres. The contrast in temperature between the stones results in increased perception and sensation. The massage that follows relaxes the muscles, relieves deep-seated tensions and boosts the metabolism.
starting from € 75,00
Herbal Stamp Massage
Following preparation of the skin with a beneficial oil treatment, warm herbal stamps are carefully applied to the body. The pleasant warmth stimulates the circulation, relieving muscle tension and the beneficial aroma of the herbal stamp induces a sensation of inner balance and harmony.
starting from € 45,00
€ 39,00
Foot Reflex Zones
Our feet are the mirror of the whole body. Nerve endings or ‘reflex zones’ for every organ and every gland are to be found in the foot. Through the appropriate application of pressure and special combinations of massage techniques, this zone can be used to activate (invigorate) or sedate (calm).
€ 55,00
Nuad Thai
The interaction of stretching and rhythmic flowing movements results in deep relaxation and regeneration. This brings balance at a spiritual level and aims to relax the entire musculoskeletal system. This treatment is enjoyed on a futon wearing loose clothing.
€ 69,00